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الموديل: BK1In567Hs18
This book is a new historical approach for Arab history that had left cultural impact from and on Europe...
الموديل: BK1Ps135
This book contains the most important papers from the second, third, and fourth Christ at the Checkpoint conferences that took place in Bethlehem. The themes of these conferences were: "Hope in the Midst of Conflict" (2012), "Your Kingdom Come" (2014), and "The Gospel in the Face of Religious Extrem..
  أرقام الرعايا الكاثوليكية والرهبانيات والمؤسسات الكاثوليكية في فلسطين  ..
الموديل: BK1Ps137
Contains the proceedings of the August 2009 "The Invention of History" conference organized by Diyar in Bethlehem, Palestine. The conference brought together 50 professors, theologians, and researchers from over 10 countries. The book analyzes major theological trends and shifts of the twentieth cen..
الموديل: BK1Ps139
This book Is about the Palestinian Christians, especially the Holy land Christians and the whole world's and it demonstrates the Islamic, Christian and Jewish relationship...
الموديل: BK1Ps53
  this book emphasize on the importance of Jerusalem not only religiously but also as the capital of the Palestinian independent state.  ..
الموديل: BK1In567Hs20
This book traces the following subjects: Early Arab arrivals, the Nabatae Kingdom, Kingdom of Tadmor, Ghassanids, Muntherits, Kinda, Hemyar...
الموديل: BK1Ps42
  More than an ordinary tourist guidebook, this book provides an in-depth discovery of the entire range of Palestinian culture: historical, archeological, religious and architectural, as well as the daily realities of Israeli Occupation  ..
الموديل: BK1Ps134
The development of the Palestinian Identity has been the focus of many studies and conferences. However, all of the studies so far concentration the emergence of this identity in the last hundred years. Although several papers in this book still have dealt with the development of the Palestinian Ide..
الموديل: BK1Ps133
فلسطين :أرض، شعب ، هوية Palestine:Land,People,Identity..
الموديل: BK1Ps136
This book contains the findings of the latest research and studies conducted by Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture in 2017. The first chapter crystalizes four waves of Christian emigration from Palestine within the last century. The second chapter contains the results of an emigrat..
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